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Aladdin is one of the two new brands introduced in Wave 6 of KiraKira Shiny Star. It features the exotic and decorative harem styles found in Arabian settings.

The logo features a purple textured background with gold lining to match the gold lamp resting above the word Aladdin.


Card DesignEdit

The background is split to include two alternate designs, one side being made of blue and pink colors and lights, while the opposite corner is made of pink stained glass depicting the palace. The corner frames and middle are made of blue gradient bubbles with pink and gold details, sparkle markings, dots, and gems lined in gold. In the middle are the words Genie's MAGIC SHOW in gold and raspberry. On the top corner is Genie's hand with a top hat and cane.







Wave 6Edit

1st AnniversaryEdit


  • Prior to this brands release, Jasmine-themed coords could be obtained from Shiny Star Story.




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