Beauty and the Beast is a brand introduced in Wave 3 of KiraKira Shiny Star.
Logo BB

The brand logo is a light gold oval with Beauty and the Beast written in blue. The Y in Beauty curls to the side to connect to a rose.


Card DesignEdit

A split design card separated by a white and gold ornate design that has a small Chip and Mrs. Potts in the corner. The lower left portion is a gradient of pale browns and dark mauve, while the top half is gold with a chandelier and blue curtain design over large windows, representing the ball room. In the upper left corner is the rose in a glass container.






Wave 3Edit

Wave 4Edit


  • At the time of Wave 3, a live action Beaty and the Beast film was released in America.
  • This is the third brand centered around a Disney Princesses.


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