Wave 6 of the Shiny Keys was be released November 2017.

Each key can be bought at 400 yen a piece from Gachapon machines with the game. There are a total of 6 keys in this collection, with 4 additional keys as part of the 1st Anniversary collection.

Normal KeysEdit

Character Image Appearance
A lilac key featuring Sophia on a blue background and a textured border that has a crown on top of it adorned by a purple gem. Each mickey ear has a four-petal flower to match the cut shape on the keys teeth.
An azure key featuring Jasmine on a diamond background and a textured border. The mickey ears depict scenery, the one a moonlit sky, the other is the Arabian castle with clouds behind it. The teeth shape is a flower.
A metallic blue key featuring Genie on a water marble background featuring four of his hands surrounding him. The border is designed to resemble his hands with a stretching arm on both the top and bottom, while the Mickey ears feature a sparkling magical border. The teeth shape is Genie's hand.
A golden key featuring a confused Aladdin and Abu observing the magic lamp. The ears and frame are shaped to resemble a twisting wisp made up from Genie's body. The teeth hole is the magic lamp.


Character Image Appearance Obtained
Christmas Mickey
A silver key with stars and dots on the border. The background is silver and shiny, featuring Mickey in his Christmas outfit and facing the left. The Mickey ears are Christmas themed, one being a wreath, the other with a large snowflake design on it. The cut shape is a pine tree.
Christmas Minnie
A bronze key with stars and dots on the border. The background is silver and shiny, featuring Minnie in her Christmas dress, facing the right. A bow resides on top of the circle, while the Mickey ears are designed to match the mickey key, but opposite placement. The cut shape is a pine tree.